Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

Ready Coming to LocalFest.co.id 3.0!

On the weekends, we like pengin streets, kulineran, but wants in one place only. Usually so the main goal mall. But bored too right, to a place that's all it wrote. Plus, usually on weekends tuh mall contents mothers with strollers, or children with skates genggeus. Mall the weather be like market spills. Fortunately, there will be a fun event where you can shop local products are okay, kulineran, watch a fashion show, a movie, as well as the appearance nikmatin cool bands. His name is LOCAL FEST!

First held in February 2014 ago, Local Fest already attracted more than 50,000 visitors. Continue to be held again in September 2014. Finally, after success with two title, this time Local Fest comes back with its latest version, namely LocalFest.co.id 3.0! Waow! The event is going to be a festival crowded urban creative didatengin and also discussed.

Agree dong that local brand original works of children do not lose good state of international brands? But unfortunately exactly like the same lost prestige brand outside. Well, Local Fest, with Local.co.id as organizers, aims to nunjukkin quality products from local designers, as well as other local potential in a creative field. Here, the creative industries and information technology meet. In order brandnya more widely known, more and more global, and so are interested in purchasing are also more and more, of course.

Catet ya on the game; Thursday - Sunday, 9 to 12 April 2015 The Space, Senayan City. Going there were 130 participants ranging from brand fashion bazaar, food, there is also art exhibition curated by OK. Video - ruangrupa, short film screenings with Kineforum, talk shows, workshops, and performances from musicians sorts Close, Stars & Rabbit, Neonomora, and much more. Oh yes, the viewer is also going collaboration at several visual artist. So, imagine the thrill dong their appearance later? Approximately might like in this video from LocalFest.co.id 1.0.

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